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How to Learn a New Language in Only 6 Months | Doaa Gamal

Learning new languages has become very important these days. A lot of companies today look forward to hiring employees who know more languages than their native one.
By learning a new language, you are going to have different options for job opportunities. It’s going to help you when communicating with different colleagues, friends from different nationalities, backgrounds, etc.
Learning a new language will make you become more open-minded. It’s going to help you be more remarkable because it means that you are different, at least not like your other colleagues.

These are my tips for helping you to learn a new language
Have a plan with specific time to learn a new language
Be specific! Put a timetable for achieving your goal of learning a new language during a specified time.

Ask experts for advice before starting
Search and Contact experts who have learned new languages before you. This will help you in gaining from their previous experiences (what worked for them and what didn’t) and is going to save a lot of your time and efforts. Follow their steps and be focused while trying to check different resources to learn.

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Surf the Internet
Check both Google and YouTube to find different resources that can help you in learning a new language. Read a lot of different articles about learning new languages! Know how to be fluent in any language you choose and how you can improve your skills on it (Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing) while watching a lot of videos via YouTube and searching a lot of learning websites! How to Learn a New Language in Only 6 Months - Surf Internet

Listening is the most important skill when learning any new language. Without listening, you are not going to comprehend the language. Start by listening – this helps in knowing and adding a lot of new vocabularies to your mind. It’s going to help while trying to revise/use them for speaking and talking with others!
You can listen to the language you are learning via your mobile phone after downloading a lot of different audios and podcast. You can also watch and listen to a lot of programs via TV related to the language which you want to learn. This way you’ll understand and gain a lot of popular words related to that language! How to Learn a New Language in Only 6 Months - Listen

Watch a lot of Movies with subtitles of the language you want to learn
Movies are a great opportunity for learning a new language especially watching a lot of movies with native subtitles! Watch movies, listen to the right pronunciation and read the words at the same time! It’s going to help you in improving your listening skill, increasing your vocabulary while learning in an entertaining way!

Get a Language learning software
Ask Google about different language learning software’s. Choose the best one for you “whether it’s paid or free”. Make a test and see if it’s going to be helpful for learning the language! Generally, while learning and using a language software, it’s going to be a kind of having (CDs, Audios, and Articles). Work on mixing all of them with one another for helping you improve your different learning skills!

Practice the language you are learning with native speakers of the language
While trying to practice the language, you should speak/practice with native speakers, it’s going to help you in being more comfortable. Plus, you are going to learn a lot of concepts in their native framework, you’ll learn how to pronounce the words in the right way, you’ll find yourself speaking the language easily and with more confidence.

Pay attention to the grammar
Grammar in any language is considered the most important part for being fluent in the language and speaking it well. Take your time while searching and reading from different books, to understand grammar and how sentence structures ought to be! This will help you in building sentences, formatting full phrases and speaking it right without any grammatical mistakes! 

Take a trip to the country of language you are learning
Hunt different opportunities such as internships and volunteering in the country you would like to learn it’s language! Traveling will foster practicing the language with its natives. Keep pushing yourself to speak and you will soon notice an amazing improvement in speaking the language.

You could even combine your language learning journey with a study abroad program. Immersing yourself in the language and culture can have a profound impact on your skills. Imagine learning Spanish in New York or attending French classes in Philadelphia, or exploring any other language you desire. By interacting with native speakers, you’ll gain confidence and practice speaking in real-life situations. It’s a thrilling and effective way to accelerate your language learning journey.

Test your level of learning the language
From time to time, measure your learning language`s level with your teachers and mentors. Ask them to give you different kinds of exams. Ask your mentors for evaluation and giving you their feedback! Work on that feedback and try to convert your weaknesses into strengths.

Always do your best while learning and NEVER GIVE UP! “Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence.”
– Colin Powell.

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