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Meet Sneh Sharma, Founder of Girls-first Digital Media Agency, Ittisa

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Sneh Sharma is Founder & CEO of Bangalore-based Digital Media agency, Ittisa, a one of its kind women-first digital media agency.

Sneh is known for her creativity, objectivity and relentless pursuit of perfection. Her mission is to bring Marketing, Technology, and Analytics together, into one single frame instead of having them in silos.

In a world of intensifying global competition, accelerating technological change, and rising customer expectations, that old model of three separate disciplines fails to innovate across them. Yet that is where the most transformative possibilities await.
In her career, as a Marketer, Sneh Sharma has been embracing technology to deliver compelling campaigns and remarkable customer experiences. As a Technologist, she is always embracing user experience design and growth hacking principles to create products that people love and love to share. And her analytical mind pushes her to slice and dice the data to make her strategies and products more meaningful.
In short, she is trying to blur the boundaries.Sneh Sharma, Founder of Girls-first Digital Media Agency, Ittisa

She has envisioned and implemented numerous successful campaigns and helped devise strategies for clients worldwide. Her burning desire to be the best and a ‘never take no for an answer’ approach has earned her the respect of her clients and her team alike.

Over the years, Ittisa has achieved great things from numerous clients to excellence awards (you should see their glowing portfolio) and recently became a certified Google Partner! Ittisa is also a proud partner of and looks forward to changing the trajectory of women professionals and creating a better, more equal world for everyone. Ittisa Website - Bangalore based Digital Media Agency

Here, we talk to Sneh Sharma about how she started.
Your work and personality is so enchanting, can you share your career journey with us?
I started working from the age of 19 and since then worked for around 5 start-ups till I started my own. I started my 1st company when I was 23 years old.
And all through these companies I learnt that you really don’t decide to be an entrepreneur, it just happens. Happens while you are chasing your passion.

What inspired you to set up Ittisa in a male-dominated industry?
When you have confidence in your own self, you don’t even think about whether something is male dominated or not, you don’t question your capabilities. You just get things done.

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How do you create a structure for your work and find time for fun?
I really enjoy my work and I don’t feel the need of forcefully finding happiness outside in fun activities. But, of course, I indulge in Yoga, exercising and playing sports once in a while.Sneh-Sharma - Ittisa

Your work revolves around creating a lot of content, do you ever suffer from sudden moments of inertia?
Yes, a lot of times. Our work involves a lot of strategic thinking, where we need analytical minds, thinking of creative ideas and at the same time solving a problem using technology.
During those moments of inertia music, coffee or a walk really helps. Or I just pick another work from my to-do list and go back to that critical work after sometime.

What does Creativity mean to you?
Creativity for me is the wild, courageous and analytical mind with curious eyes.

Morning person or Nocturnal? What’s your most productive time?
I am a night person.

If you had a superpower, what would it/what would you like to be called as a superhero?
Creative Rebel with the power to think and act.

Tell us about 3 women you admire.
I really admire my Grand Mother, I think working hard, not giving up but always giving, failing and bouncing back with a bang is something I learnt from her.

Favourite websites and platforms

Where would you love to visit and why?
Mount Everest. It will be the ultimate test of my courage, physical and mental strength.

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