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Women are Like God! | Affiong Ene-Obong

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Women were created to assist God in creation. They were handcrafted by God to perform specific functions pertaining to them and cannot be compared in any way to the compared to the masculine gender because they were also designed by God to perform uniquely as well.

Women exist because of who they are (identity) and what they were created to do on earth (significance). They were designed to ‘birth’- bring people into existence and that’s what creation simply means in the strict sense.

Women were ushered into a vast building (the world) and are at liberty to open as many doors as possible through the power of creation. They have the ability to nurture, protect, defend all they have birthed and that’s a similar attribute God possesses which is second to none.

Women have the Feminine Power of Harmony: The ability to create a rhythm to life-days, weeks, months and years- supports and sustains, allows you to be graceful, powerful, and flexible, in how you interact with, lead and respond to all parts of your life.

A woman’s life is like an orchestra, she’s the conductor and God is her inspiration, energy and is the tune that plays through her. She’s conversant with all the parts of the orchestra (family, work, wealth, marriage, home, etc.) but doesn’t play all at the same time, at the same intensity and as loud as she can.

She has the wisdom and presence to know what needs attention and has inner balance to focus on those parts, letting the others play in the background until it’s time for the music to shift.

Her strength is incredible, she’s tenacious and purposeful. She’s no competition as she maintains her lane and is up and awake.

Sometimes, life will feel like a staccato- fast, other times lyrical- lots of space and other times just a good tune- maintaining flow. She plays the game of life with grace and she’s always ready to run her race.

She doesn’t forget to breathe slowly, always on the go, taking each day as it comes.

Her knees are her weapon, her words are her shield; the rod and staff comfort her.

She gives love- love in true and muddled form to all who come in contact with her

People are created and formed in her, her arms were molded to hold them, and the scent of her body was the air perfumed for them to breathe.

She loves in the deepest possible way. It’s love that makes her courageous!

Affiong Ene-Obong is a lawyer, writer and poet, 
author of the book, 'A Life Called Forever', 
a collection of inspirational poems which was beautifully written 
to inspire, impact and transform lives. 
The book is a collection of poems and witty musing a delight to all.Affiong Ene-Obong A Poem for the creative woman

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