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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! How to Plan an Unforgettable Vacation with Your Besties

There was a time when you and your besties practically spent every day together, whether partying, having coffee or simply going to the movies. You know the good and bad in their lives and they know you like the back of their hands. But now, you all have careers, families or other life situations that come with growing up.

However, not being able to spend time together is a perfect reason to start planning an unforgettable vacation with your besties. It will take time and quite the organization to get you all in one place, but from then on it will be a series of memorable moments you will cherish all of your lives. So, here are some suggestions on how to make it all happen and spend a wonderful time with your best friends.

  • Plan the budget

Having to deal with financials and calculations is the last thing anyone would want when planning a fun trip. But not everyone has the same budget and so there have to be some adjustments which are best dealt with right from the start. Once you know the destination and what everyone expects from the trip, ask each of your friends to give you their budget estimate for the trip.

Once you know your budget, go over the costs for transportation, accommodation, tickets to venues, food options and expenses for excursions and other sightseeing activities. Remember that some museums and galleries give a discount to groups, but also check when restaurants have happy hours and consider renting an apartment instead of opting for hotel rooms. Of course, each of you should have a private budget as well, but for things you want to do together, you will have to come up with group one.  Plan an Unforgettable Vacation with Your Besties Again

  • Have contingency plans in place

If the weather gets worse on the day you plan to go to the beach to catch some sun and try out water sports, you need to have a plan B or the day will be wasted. This is something you should plan beforehand in order to anticipate possible situations that will interfere with your schedule. After all, you may only have days together and have to use them up to the best of your abilities.

However, if your trip will last longer, like for months in case of backpacking, you need to take into account possible urgent situations like one of you getting sick or having a family emergency. With a contingency plan in place that would cover for such situations, like health insurance, your friend would be taken care of. You may not be able to anticipate every emergency and they probably won’t happen at all, but it is nice to have a backup rather than feeling helpless if they do occur.

  • Accept that you can’t plan everything

Of course, not everything will go as you planned and that might annoy you or make you feel like you failed your friends and your vacation. However, it’s okay to leave some things to chance and simply enjoy the moment which means you shouldn’t be too detailed in your planning. Tours get canceled all the time, so instead of thinking your day is ruined, embrace the open schedule and go and find something else to do.

As long as you have each other, every failed attempt of following the plan will simply be a new adventure to explore and have together. The idea here is to enjoy time with your friends, so when, for example, the museum is unexpectedly closed, go to see the galleries or visit the farmer’s market. Every destination is full of attractions and you will easily find something else to do without ruining your good mood.

  • Value each other’s private time

While the goal of this trip was to get you all to spend more time together, it’s also prudent to give each other space. This will be the time when everyone can go and do their own thing or simply take a nap, read a book or chill. However, another important thing here is that everyone understands why this is happening and is crucial to your group.

After all, no one should feel offended by this idea of having private time on group vacation since it will only help the dynamic of your circle of friends. The best policy is, to be honest about how you feel and encourage others to do the same whenever they feel uncomfortable with something. It may be that they don’t understand the situation or don’t find it comfortable, so explaining it to them will help them get over it.  Plan an Unforgettable Vacation with Your Besties

  • Add something unique to a special occasion

Whenever something special is on the horizon, probably the first thing that comes to mind is how to gather all your girlfriends and celebrate it together. But such an occasion deserves that special flavor that will raise everything to a higher level of fun and give you all lasting memories. For example, if one of you is having a bachelorette party, turn it into a vacation and use a private jet hire to travel to another city.

This is a more comfortable way of traveling which will also allow you to come and go as you please, as well as speed up the customs and let you pack all the shoes you want. Thus, instead of spending a few hours, you can all spend a few days together and have an unforgettable vacation before the wedding ceremony. The same applies to other special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries you want to celebrate surrounded by your closest friends in the most exclusive way.

  • Spontaneity is the key to an unforgettable vacation

Having a plan and itinerary in place doesn’t mean that spontaneity is out of the question. Actually, it is imperative to have a wonderful time and experience something new and exciting. So, once you arrive at your destination, see what else you can do there besides the items on your plan.

For example, try some new food you never heard of or go to a nearby town which is not a hot tourist destination. It will be fun to see and experience something suggested by locals or other tourists since those are the best recommendations there are for an attraction. Just make sure to snap a lot of pictures so you would have a lasting memento of you all having a great time together while discovering new things.

  • Ask each of your friends for suggestions

The destination will be the hardest thing to agree upon, so ask everyone to give their suggestions about where you should travel together. If you can’t decide on one destination, then it is best to write them all down on pieces of paper and put them in a bowl. Then, you simply pull one paper out and whatever is written on it is the next destination that you all came up with joint efforts.

Another important thing to consider is what your besties expect to see and do on your vacation. The best approach here is including a little bit of everything so everyone’s wishes are respected and appreciated. You can assign one day to each friend and their ideas so everything runs smoothly and nobody feels left out.

All in all

It is finally that long-awaited time to pack the bags and go on an unforgettable vacation with your besties. But in order for the trip to be a success, you will still need to cover some basics, like plan what to see and do, although leave some room for spontaneity. And if you all have a special reason to travel, make the trip memorable by adding some extravaganza and luxury to pamper yourselves. After all, girls just wanna have fun, so relax and get ready for the time of your lives.  

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